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Hydro-seeding and Erosion Control in California.


Hydro-Grow as a company

Our Services

  • Hydro-Seeding

  • Straw Blowing

  • Bonded Fiber Matrix

  • Wattles, fiber-mats, sandbags, and silt screens

  • Hydro-Mulching

Hydro-Grow is a trusted name in the field of landscape and erosion control, with over 40 years of experience. Our core service involves a 1 to 3-step process of applying a seeded hydro-mulch slurry and a layer of straw to control erosion. We also offer other services such as Bonded Matrix and installation and maintenance of straw wattles, fiber mats, and sandbags. Our services are in high demand by general contractors and home builders seeking to comply with federal, state, and local regulations on sedimentation reduction in waterways.

Post-fire erosion can cause significant damage to the environment and surrounding areas. Our team specializes in providing effective erosion control solutions to help mitigate the impact of post-fire erosion. Trust us to protect your property and the environment.

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