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Hydro-Grow as a company

We offer post-fire erosion control!

Our Services

  • Hydro-Seeding

  • Straw Blowing

  • Bonded Fiber Matrix

  • Wattles, fiber-mats, sandbags, and silt screens

  • Hydro-Mulching

Hydro-Grow offers more than 30 years of experience!  Paul Olsen,President and CEO, has worked in the fields of landscape and erosion control since the early 1980's
throughout the entire state of California. 

Hydro-Grow provides the installation and maintenance of erosion control methods. Its core service
is a 1 to 3-step process which entails the application of a seeded hydro-mulch slurry along with
a layer of straw which is blown onto the surface. Other services offered include Bonded Fiber
Matrix and the installation and maintenance of straw wattles, fiber mats, and sandbags.

The demand for erosion control services is growing as federal, state and local governmental
agencies realize the importance of reducing sedimentation in water ways and attempt to achieve this
through the careful implementation of erosion control technologies where appropriate. Services
provided by Hydro-Grow are typically demanded by general contractors and home builders
seeking to comply with federal regulation which mandates using Best Management Practices
(BMP's) to reduce sediment runoff whenever possible.


Hydro-Grow will continue to utilize the best technologies available for the purpose of not only
complying with state and federal regulation, but also for maintaining the integrity of waterways within
its operating region. Demand for services provided by the business will also come from state and
local agencies hoping to stabilize erosion or install vegetation on hillsides and/or land. Although
Hydro-Grow typically pursues large contracts such as commercial, governmental, and industrial
contracts, individual homeowners also need to combat landslides or install turf.


Hydro-seeding and Erosion Control in California.

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